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The Skara combat system is built on Unreal Technology developed to be highly intuitive and accurate at the same time. Players will have absolute control over their characters movements, and as such repeatedly pressing buttons will not do the work. Skara is a dangerous land, and it will be easy to die, thus players will need to be aware of the timing, and their opponents' attacks as well as guards.

How does it actually work?[edit | edit source]

You choose the style and direction of your attacks, your opponent must block or hit at the exact moment to avoid being impacted. Every movement can be counter-attacked, a chance to reverse to an instant kill as result, and some of these attacks can be combined in combos.

  • Attacking is about dexterity.
  • Blocking is about reflexes.
  • Special movements for every race.

Close-up on Combat System[edit | edit source]

Any attacks can kill any player, no matter his Rank, but if you die in Skara you will re-spawn almost immediately elsewhere in the arena and return to the battleground in just a few seconds. This makes for fast and furious action, allowing skilled players to defeat a lot of enemies in a short time. So forget about the life-bar over your character’s head; in Skara any impact may kill you, it's as simple as that.

The goal for Combat in Skara is a direct competition among players and because you need a lot of skills to master the combat system. It´s not about spending in-game money to raise the stats or the level of your character, or showing off fancy armors and weapons; It's about training to become the best warrior.

Will it be the same for all characters?[edit | edit source]

Every character will be different in terms of relative strength, speed and movements and every race will also have different combos. All the characters will be managed in a similar way, but the style and the techniques will be unique for every race. So for instance, Shinse warriors are the fastest and have plenty of combos, while Khärn warriors are the strongest but have just a few of different combinations. Finding the one that best suits your fighting style will be up to you.