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There are several online and offline game modes to allow all sort of players to enjoy Skara. Those who like a more challenging experience should join a faction and compete in battles among factions. Those who like it simple will enjoy playing just a couple of games per day in the fast battles, because Skara has lots of fun to offer.

Fast Battles[edit | edit source]

Every player can join a Fast Battle and have fun just running through the arena brandishing his weapon and defeating enemies. Fast Battles are short and are designed to have a great time competing against players from around the world. Within the Fast Battles you'll be able to find a great variety of game modes, like Duel, Deathmatch, The Last Standing or Capture the Flag. In addition, every arena hides primary and secondary objectives that will give you extra Experience and Honor Points. For example, throwing a giant rock off a cliff and on your enemies.

Faction Battles[edit | edit source]

Players who aim to reach a higher goal will feel the need to join a faction and try to rise their Rank inside the faction´s hierarchy. As you increase your rank, you will gain access to new attacks, special equipment and weapons. Extra features will be unblocked only for the most capable players, such as founding a new town inside Skara, building up your own arena and defending it against the enemies' raids.

While playing Faction Battles you will also be able to customize your matches choosing among several appealing game modes, including some specific modes available only for battles among factions, such as Siege or Kill the King.

Horde Mode[edit | edit source]

Available both online and offline, play on one of the available maps trying to survive against numerous waves of enemies. The difficulty increases as the players advance through the waves, facing an ever growing enemy. By playing offline you must resist death on your own. Playing online will be even more exciting, given that you will be able to invite your friends and have a great time defeating hundreds of enemies together.

Story Mode[edit | edit source]

Skara is not just another MOBA. The aim is for players to feel totally immersed in the story of the inhabitants In this dying world. For that reason an additional goal is to create a Story Mode for every one of the five races in Skara. It will be offline and completely for free.